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2006 Results2005 Results2004 Results
    Division Winner Runner-up  
Women's Singles 1 Patricia Marshall Michelle Gurgas  
    2 Dulcie Hill Stacy Shearer  
    3a Brook Bailey
Yoluanda Brown
Susie Eng Goldschmidt
Kathleen Sullivan 3a and 3b are part of the same division #3. Therefore, for 2005 we will have all 4 winners moving up one division to division 2.
    3b Katrin Maldre Janet Hanley  
    4 Sara Buehler Carmen Avcioglu  
    5 Aubrey Keith Cynthia Maziarka  
  Doubles 1 Mary Elworth / Michele Gurgas Ernie Durkee / Mary Hunter  
Men's Singles 1 Michael Averbach Ryan Stretmater  
    2 Dylan Dunavan Mike Baron  
    3 Farzad Khaledan Sorin Dan  
    4 Jeff DeJong
Anatoli Libgober
Brad Schlihting
    5 Carl Daun Robert Bloch  
    6/7 Raphael Bradford John Ragonese  
  Doubles 1 Mike Vest /
Larry McDonald
Pat Barnicle /
Jim Murray
Mixed Doubles 1 Kim Glunz /
Sorin Dan
Mark Thompson / Peggy Kell
Keith Tyrka / Sonia Benitez

    Group Winner Runner-up  
Women's Singles A Katrin Maldre Patricia Marshall  
    B Julie Allen Yoluanda Brown  
Men's Singles A Adam Klass Ryan Stretmater  
    B Robert Brink Rick Whitehead  
    C Keith Tyrka Donald Walsh