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Oak Park Tennis Association Rules of Play

All matches may be played on public courts in the Village of Oak Park, River Forest or Forest Park. Additionally, if mutually agreeable, matches may be played outside of this area (again if mutually agreeable.)

Before starting the match, toss a coin or spin a racquet to determine who will be the server or receiver. That same toss will also determine who provides balls for the match. The loser of the spin opens a new can of balls, so always come to the match with a new can.

All matches are best-of-three, tiebreak sets. If a set reaches 6 - 6, a 12-point tiebreaker is played to determine the winner. The first player/team to reach 7 points by a margin of 2 points wins the set. If agreed by all players, the 3rd set could be played as "tie-break" only.

a) The player/team who received serve during game 12 serves the first point of the tiebreaker, to the deuce court.

b) In doubles, the players keep the order of serve they held during the first 12 games of the set.

c) Players then alternate, serving two points each (ad court, then deuce court until the tiebreaker is over).

d) Players/teams change sides after every 6 points.

e) The player/team serving the first point of the tiebreaker receives serve for the first game of the next set.

On a close call, give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. If you cannot see a ball as clearly out, you must play it as good. Give your opponent the same courtesy you would expect. Either player may call a let while a point is being played if there is interference or an obstruction that enters the court and affects play.

Once a match is underway, you must finish it. If you cannot finish the match due to injury or other personal reason, a walkover is declared and the win awarded to your opponent. If the match cannot be completed because of rain, darkness, or court availability, the match should be rescheduled and resumed at the point at which play was stopped. All points played in good faith stand.

Match play must be continuous. Players shall not leave the court during a match per USTA regulations. Ninety seconds are allowed during changeovers and 20 seconds between points (as well as can be managed since there are not ball persons.) Players who do not abide by the continuous play rule will be defaulted and a win awarded to their opponent.

If you have scheduled a match and then find you cannot play at the appointed time and place, let your opponent know. Each player/team is allowed one cancellation per opposing player/team. The second cancellation results in a default by that player/team and a win are awarded to the opposing player/team. If you fail to show up for a scheduled match, you will be defaulted and a win awarded to your opponent

Forfeit wins will be awarded to your opponent if the following occur:

1. If you fail to finish a match (see paragraph 5)

2. You fail to show up for a scheduled match (see paragraph 5)

3. You cancel 2 matches against the same player/team (see paragraph 5)

4. If you fail to respond to 3 requests over a period of 3 weeks, from one person, to set up a match

You must play 60% of the players/teams in your division to qualify for winner or runner up in the division. Matches may be played between the first day divisions are released in June and the last day of October. Any matches played after the deadline will not count towards your division record.

Disputes about rules or procedures should be worked out between the players/teams whenever possible, but as is stated in the USTA Code, your opponent should always be given the benefit of a doubt in terms of close calls. Matches should be won or lost on the court. If a dispute cannot be resolved, contact the OPTA Board for a decision. If a rule is not covered above current USTA rules of play apply.