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The criteria of selecting the winners and the runner-ups are the following:

- first and foremost, in order to be considered for the winner and/or runner-up, a player must play 60% or more of his/her matches
- the player with most wins is placed the highest
- if two or more players have the same amount of wins, the winner of the direct match is placed higher
- if two or more players have the same amount of wins and no direct match was played, the player with more played matches is placed higher.

Note: The first two places move up and the last two places move down for next year seedings.


Women's Div. 1: Dulcie Hill   Men's Div. 1: Dave Seminara
Women's Div. 2: Alice Ireland   Men's Div. 2: Richo Vergara
Women's Div. 3: Cherie Baker   Men's Div. 3: James Turner
Women's Div. 4: Doreen Berger   Men's Div. 4: Evan Wildey
Women's Div. 5: Elizabeth Amstutz   Men's Div. 5: Ralph Griffiths
Women's Div. 6: Eliza Ann Movavec   Men's Div. 6: Nate Gulley
Women's Doubles: K. Buhmann / L. Verhagen   Men's Div. 7: Therman Banks
Mixed Doubles: D. Hill / M. Wilcoxon   Men's Doubles: J. Lawson/ K. Van Santen